You have 2 Minutes to Answer All These 10 Simple Math Questions

Only 5 % can pass this simple math test in under 2 minutes.

1. If one person eats $25 in food a week, how much money will you need to feed four people a week?

2. Assuming sales tax is 6%, how much sales tax would you pay on a $500 purchase?

3. If you buy a TV that costs $300, and the tax is 4 percent, what is the total price?

4. If you spend fifteen minutes a day on a coffee break, how much time is this per work week?

5. If you drive 20 miles to work every day, each way, how many miles do you travel in a work week?

6. How much should you tip on a $30 restaurant bill if you tip 20%?

7. 120+84+48 equals what number?

8. Which pair of numbers has a product of 72?

9. Four people have a combined age of 180 years. Bill and Mary are both 45 and Ted is 50. How old is Jane?

10. What is 7,941 rounded to the nearest 10?

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